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Lafeyette - Cradle of Liberty - Grace Lutheran Church - Royersford, PA

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Boy Scout Troop 406

Welcome to the official website for Troop 406 in Royersford, PA. Click on the about us link above for information about our troop.

If you have additional questions or would like to plan a visit, please use this Contact Uslink and someone will respond shortly.

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To all adults involved in Troop 406.

Pennsylvania has enacted a law requiring all adults who work with youth to have clearances on file with the governing organization. Scoutmasters, ASMs, MB Counselors, parents who drive or attend camping trips, basically anyone who works with the boys will need to do this. They must be renewed every three years. If you have clearances for other organizations or work you can use those, and there are some exemptions for long time PA residents. These must be uploaded directly to Council, NOT given to anyone in the Troop. You need to provide this before the end of the current calendar year unless otherwise noted. UPDATE 6/15 - After July 25 the cost for criminal background and child abuse will be $0. There is still a cost for the FBI clearance if you need it.

Here is a link to the full explanation and instructions on how to upload the documents.
If you have any questions or concerns after reading the information on the Council website please contact Mr. Domin.


Royersford National Night Out is Tuesday, August 4. Troop 406 will once again be providing support for the event, setting up, handing out water, collecting trash, and helping make the event a success. All scouts should attend. Check with your SPL or PL for specifics on time and dress.


If you are interested in earning the cycling merit badge (Eagle triplet requirement - you must earn either swimming, hiking, or cycling) please contact Mr. Domin. We are running regular rides over the Summer for anyone interested, including families. We will complete all of the requirements if you attend most of the rides. BSA rules apply. Contact Mr. Domin for details. New scouts - review the Merit Badge Process on the forms page.


Our public facing pages (such as this one) are for everyone to see, while some of the pages will only be available to members of the troop. Members can access those areas using the login information you will receive from the Webmaster.

Because this is a Scouting site with some personal information, access to some sections of this website may require you to enter an Access ID and Password. If you do not know the Access ID and Password, please ask your webmaster or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and ask your scout leaders for access. We'll get back with you as soon as we can.

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